Thou Art Ju D
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Ju D Bundle

Ju D Bundle:
• 575 Street: Haikus Are Hard, Paperback
• When I Call On Your Name: Haikus For Worship, Paperback
• 21 Days To God: How I Journaled My Way To The Voice Of God, Paperback
• I Don't Know Lined Journal
• T.V.O.G.I.R. Sticker
• T.V.O.G.I.R. Ballpoint Pen
• T.V.O.G.I.R. Bookmark

575 Street: Haikus Are Hard - Step into a small space in my arena, where I explore the situations around me using the beautiful art style of Haiku.

As I created these pieces more was birthed through me than what I had expected. I was able to share special insight and newly developed revelation for others who are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to enter the arena of their giftings, while mentally combating the discouraging and opinionated voices of bystanders.

More than just a little book of Haikus, this book will inspire a spirit of victory in the waiting place. Perhaps you are one of a certain few who's life will be transformed by sharing a few moments in my arena.

When I Call On His Name: Haikus For Worship - A collection of 49 Haikus, each one based on a name or attribute of God, designed to help the reader better understand the name or attribute and therefore better understand God. This book of Haiku poems can be read daily as a way of keeping God in the forefront of your mind. It can be used as an annual guide, selecting one name or attribute to focus on for an entire week, as you delve deeper in and discover what promises are held inside that name for you. Great to add to your collection and excellent for gifting to family and friends.

21 Days To God: How I Journaled My Way To The Voice Of God - Unsure of what I was actually embarking on, I knew that I had to try something different! I'd heard people time-after-time talk about how journaling helped them to gather their thoughts and all, but I had hated journaling since jr. high school. So much so, that when one of my English teachers would assign daily journaling, I would always wait until the night before journal checks to do mine. No, I didn't do days and days of introspective and meaningful writing all in one night, I would simply scribble as if it were cursive writing and then top off the page with a legible date. Surprisingly, and also alarmingly, I got full credit every time! *insert shoulder shrug and bashful grin*

21 Days To God is my experience with getting to a place where I hear the voice of God daily. Having been a Christian since the age of about 6, my convictions have sometimes been at the forefront of my life, while at other times, they've been on the back burner. Yet, through it all, I have never lost my faith. There were lots of times when I longed to hear from God, meaning literally hear His voice giving me specific directions, which would have made everything easy, but I now understand that easy is not the goal. My time, my heart and attention have been the goal all along.

I am sharing the actual journal entries I wrote during a 21 day fast I did in July of 2023. I have given insight to my thought processes along the way, and when and where I could, I noted victories that were met along the way.

My hopes are that you will realize that hearing from God is absolutely possible. I hope that you will see my entries as a pattern to begin with if you are uncertain of how to start. And most of all, I hope that at least one person is inspired to seek after God, determined to hear his voice.