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$625.00 USD

Ode To Joi

Ode To Joi

While my main focus is abstract art I am currently exploring through a new series that is being created to express the deep emotional experience of being human.

12" × 24" × 0.5" Acrylic Painting embellished with beading on gallery wrapped canvas

* This work is a tribute to my oldest sister, Joi, who passed in 2018 from complications from cancer. Throughout life, my sister carried what registered to me as a childlike innocence. She carried an effort to be kind, in an unkind world, that I believe often disappointed her. By walking with my sister through her journey as her caretaker, God presented us with opportunities to heal places in our relationship that had suffered damage over the years. The last 6 months of my sister's life, she was bedridden, battling memory loss and almost completely unaware of reality. During those months, there would be moments where she was somewhat herself and almost fully aware. She would use those moments to thank me for caring for her, and as she did, I could see the love in her eyes that I treasured as a child.